How to Capture Weighted Products In Your POS System

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People who want to capture information about products that have been weighed have numerous options when integrating this information into their point-of-sale systems. Below are some of the options available to capture this information.

Use of Bar Codes With Weights

One way to reflect the sales of weighted products is by using a scale to measure the appropriate quantity of the product, such as a kilogramme of cherry tomatoes. Print a barcode for that product and stick it onto the container into which you have placed the product. Your point-of-sale software will then scan the code of the product and reflect that in the receipt that is printed for the client. This method requires you to have different barcodes for various quantities of each product that will be weighed at the check-out counter.

Link the Scale to the POS System

It is also possible for you to connect your weighing scale to the point-of-sale system directly. This enables you to place the product that the customer has selected onto the weighing scale. The scale will transmit the data of the quantity to the POS system so that an appropriate cost can be assigned to what the customer has selected. The software should have a code for the different items that can be weighed in this way, such as the different vegetables and fruits. The biggest benefit of this method is that products do not have to be in exact pre-determined quantities. For example, pumpkins may vary in weight so linking the measuring scale to the POS caters for those variations.

Capture the Quantity Manually

You can also opt to programme your POS system with information about the prices of the various weights of the different products. The measurement can then be done at the counter before the weight of the measured product is entered manually into the system. The POS system will then show the price for the quantity. This method is also cumbersome because it increases the tasks that have to be performed by the people at the counters.

Think about the options above carefully and select the one that will serve your needs. For example, you can opt for a method where the supplier prepackages the products in different weights with bar codes on the package in case your retail outlet is busy and you do not want to keep customers waiting at the counter. Discuss your needs with the POS provider so that you can be advised about the best way to integrate the weights into the system to reduce any errors that can occur as you serve your customers.